Designing Your baby announcements


Have fun dreaming and designing! 

Step 1: Choose Your Design


Watercolor (boy or girl)


announcing... (boy or girl)


welcome botanicals

welcome little one


For This Child


Perfect Gift


Step 2: Choose your Photos

Note the orientation of the photo openings in your choice of template. Open your photo gallery in another window and select images to fit the desired openings. Choose portrait for portrait (or vertical) and landscape for landscape (or horizontal). For square openings, choose either.


Step 3: Place Your Order

Using the form below, submit your preferences and image selections. Once submitted, it can take up to 10 days to receive your completed design for approval through email.

Name *
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Baby's Date of Birth
Baby's Time of Birth
Baby's Time of Birth
Feel free to add a few variations to help with design options, just put each variation on a new line.
For example: Love, The Cook Family Welcomed with Love by Kevin & Michelle Welcomed by: Michael & Ellen Or to leave it blank, type "none"
Choose up to 3.
Thank you!

Step 4: Contact me with ANY questions!

I know you're working on this right now, so if you have any questions at this very moment feel free to shoot me a text: (540) 455-1795. Or gather all of your questions and email me if you decide you need a break:

I hope this was helpful!

-- Liz