Designing Your Wedding Album

I am so thrilled that you've opted to purchase an album to help tell the story of your engagement and/or wedding day! I have searched far and wide for a quality album company to trust with the images and spreads custom designed for each of my clients. I am excited to have landed on a wonderful company with high-quality, handmade albums and can't wait to place the order for your album! 

I've created the guide below to help walk you through your album options and making any changes to ensure you LOVE your final album(s). If you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to call, email, or even text me! (Quick text: 540-455-1795).

Before you Start:

Fill it out as you walk through the steps below. 

Have fun dreaming and designing! 

Step 1: Choose Your Cover Style

A Photo Cover

A fabric or Leather Cover

Step 2: Choose Your Style Options

Photo Cover? Choose Your Photo:

Using the image numbers from your online gallery, tell me which image you would like to see on the cover of your album. 

fabric or Leather Cover? Choose Your Swatch:

Choose from the options below which leather swatch you would like. 

Step 3: Design Your Cover Wording

What would you like the cover to say? Here are some ideas:

John & Jane Doe
May 11, 2020

Mr. & Mrs. John Doe
May 11, 2020

Our Wedding
May 11, 2020

Or skip the date altogether! It's your choice!

Please note: There is a 19 character limit per line (with 2 lines available)

Step 4: Choose your embossing style using the following options:


Step 5: Make Changes to Your Album Design

Using the Album Change Request Form and your album gallery (I sent the link to your email), you can request further changes to your album. If you choose to make changes to the design of the album you may do so by requesting individual images be swapped out or moved around.

If you would like to add more spreads to your album (2-pages at a time), they are $30 per spread.

Step 6: Contact me with ANY questions!

I know you're working on this right now, so if you have any questions at this very moment feel free to shoot me a text: (540) 455-1795. Or gather all of your questions and email me if you decide you need a break:

I hope this was helpful!

-- Liz