Baby Nolan

Unplanned c-section at Virginia Baptist Hospital.

Being present for this birth experience taught me so very much. I learned about the power of having a loving and supportive team, the need for a doula no matter what kind of birth you desire and the benefit of education for not only the mama but her partner(s) as well. This was my longest birth I've ever attended (36 hours) and watching mama be supported by her team with unending love and devotion, and zero sleep, was inspiring, to say the least. While it ended as an unplanned caesarean birth, I can't help but wonder what kind of an impact these images may have had on mama. They show how undeniably strong she is and how long and hard she worked to bring her baby boy into this world. I also love how they tell the story of her birth even though I, as the photographer, was denied entry into the final birthing space. Caesarean birth stories deserve to be captured and told, also! 

Midwifery services provided by Centra Midwives Group.
Doula services provided by Laurie Flower.