dear experienced mama,

I know, life is busy.  I'm a mom to two and I am certain we have similar thoughts.

"Do I expect too much out of my oldest? Has my youngest gotten enough one-on-one time with me? Have they eaten too much Chic-Fil-A this week?" (Never!)

You and I both know this journey takes a whole lot of grace and self-love to pull us through some days (or weeks... or months).

To be honest, that is the very reason I am passionate about my work. This job enables me to enter a world where I can look back and recognize the beauty in my own journey while also observing the beauty of yours. But more than observation, my work allows me the opportunity to connect with amazing mothers like yourself, to show you the beauty in your world.

Because we all need a reminder now and then.

In the passing moments of a labor and delivery experience, it's easy to miss all that's taking place. You know this. Anticipation, excitement and relief are only the beginning of the emotions which may pour out during your birth experience. When these fleeting moments begin to unfold during your birth journey, my focus transitions to that which is both sincere and surreal. 

I long to show mothers like you a picture you may be overdue to see: your own strength, the love you have for your family, and the bond you share with your children.  

everywhere we look, we are surrounded by beauty, and beauty sometimes comes in the most unexpected forms. 

The value of most photographs grows over time, but the images captured at a birth are priceless from the very first day. I am devoted to preserving these memories for women around the world and I long to create thoughtful, timeless imagery at every birth I have the privilege to attend.

From one mama to another, you deserve this.

With love,