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My Family

Friends, meet my people.

First, there's Tommy. We were married in 2008 and because of his love and support, I have been able to hold onto this business through good times and bad. If I can be candid, without his support, Liz Cook Photography would not exist. But that's not the only reason I think he's awesome! He's a hard worker, hilarious (if I do say so myself), brilliant, a fantastic cook (like actual cook in the kitchen... must come with the name!), and a truly amazing father. One of my favorite parts of life this side of heaven is getting to parent our girls alongside of him, but more than that, just doing life WITH him. He lets me be me, and loves me through all of my flaws. I cherish that so much!

Our big girl is Sunday Q. She was born on a Sunday, not in an ice cream shop. (So says my husband! ;)) She joined our family in 2011 and has been lighting up our lives ever since. She's outdoing, talkative and eager to please. Your typical oldest child. :) Sunday loves gymnastics, swimming, and watching cartoons. She knows no strangers, she can spend all day long working on art projects, and she hates it when her play-doh colors get mixed! Oh... and she is CRAZY in love with her baby sister.

Speaking of, meet Izzie! She also goes by the names Bertie, Iz, Lizzie, and an occasional January. Her full name is January Elizabeth and yes, she was born in January. :) This little one is our timid girl and definitely knows a lot of strangers. But give her some time to warm up and she will have you in stitches soon enough! She loves reading books, playing all by herself, and finding a way to make us laugh. Izzie is our green bean and music loving petite little lady who brings a whole new world of personality into our home. We are crazy about her!

We recently moved to an understated colonial house in the middle of the woods here in Central Virginia. We love our home in the trees and we are getting used to spending weekends at home, working around the property. We hope to some day bring in some more animals (we currently have two dogs: Hawkeye and Mosby!), a tree house in the woods, and lots of lots of people to visit. 

We have a simple life... but it's our life... and we love it. :)

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