puppy portraits


It all started when...

My mom purchased two English Springer Spaniels from a breeder up the road (litter mates!). She brought them over to visit and I said "we need pictures of these cuties!" 

And the rest is history! I've had so much fun spending time with these adorable little balls of fur - and I'd love to spend time with your pup, too!! 

As you may imagine... dogs have a shorter attention span than children. :) Which means these sessions are very short + sweet.

What's included in a Puppy Portrait Session?

Clients will receive 10-15 high-resolution digital images of their pup (available through download) showcasing his or her personality and one family portrait with his or her human parents. Sessions are approximately 20-30 minutes (depending on the pup's behavior :)) and are intended for one dog only. The cost is $99 per session.