Glencliff Manor Weddings

2018 Pricing & service Guide



First things first, congratulations! I absolutely LOVE shooting weddings at Glencliff Manor! The team there goes above and beyond for each and every wedding and I am proud to be a part of their events. Because I love working there so much, I have designed discounted packages exclusively for Glencliff brides. 

Below is some information I've gathered for you to help you learn a little more about me and my photography. It is always an honor when someone is considering me to possibly photograph their wedding day. I understand what a monumental day this is in your life and I always put 100% forward. You deserve more than just a beautiful gallery of pictures, you deserve an enjoyable experience! 

If you have any questions for me please feel free to contact me anytime.

Cell: 540-455-1795

2017-2018 Pricing Information


mini engagement session
(30mins at Glencliff Manor)

7 hours of wedding day coverage

400+ hand-edited, high-resolution digital images from your wedding



full engagement session
(1hr at a location of your choice)

7 hours of wedding day coverage

500+ hand-edited, high-resolution digital images from your wedding

a 10" x 10", 30 page Signature Keepsake Album



engagement session
(1hr at a location of your choice)

bridal portrait session
(1hr at Glencliff Manor)

downloadable, high-resolution digital images from your engagement session

9 hours of wedding day coverage

600+ hand-edited, high-resolution digital images from your wedding

a 10" x 10", 30 page Signature Keepsake Album


For your reference, I have included my pricing guide below.

Please remember, the price reflected in the guide below is my current rate - but Glencliff brides receive a generous discount.

Organically . Timelessly . Efficiently

With over ten years of experience photographing over 150 weddings, I approach your wedding day as a true professional


I will approach your day in a documentary manner as your timeline unfolds. We will plan ahead of time to coordinate a timeline to ensure the best possible pictures during your day, but if for any reason there is a hiccup in your day, you can guarantee I won't be freaking out. My experience has taught me that we will still get great pictures and there is NO need for you to ever feel stressed on your wedding day


It is my goal for you to love your wedding day pictures in ten years, thirty years, and even fifty years from now. With this in mind, I capture your day and process your images in a clean, timeless manner. I don't use any processing trends on your pictures to prevent the inevitable "what were we thinking?!" 

Of course, we will take the "wow" shots for you to enlarge for your walls. But, my experience has taught me that those few traditional portraits I will also capture will be the ones your family members cherish. And you may be surprised at how much you treasure them in just a few years, as well. :)


I love pictures and of course, to me, they are the most important part of your day! Which is GOOD, since that's my job. :) BUT, I never want a bride or groom of mine to reminisce about their wedding day and feel like they spent ALL DAY taking pictures. Over the years I have fine tuned a wedding day flow and can take a LOT of pictures in a SHORT amount of time. This way you can move on to the celebration - the whole reason you are gathered together with over 100 of your closest friends and family in the first place! 

We love it! What's next?!

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