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Ahhh... Every time I sit down to blog about a wedding my heart is flooded with happy, happy thoughts of the couple, their preparation for their wedding day, and the big day itself. I always want to start every wedding post with "I LOVE these two!" Because I really, really do. Watching each couple experience all the excitement leading up to their day and then seeing the pure joy on their faces the entire day through... it creates a very happy place in my heart. I love each couple I have the opportunity to work with, and that is the truth.

So these guys? Ahh I love them!!

Erin and I go WAY back... what, like 11-12y/o summer swim team age group? Maybe even before!  And Andrew and I brushed paths a few times in life, too. (One of his aunts was my kindergarten teacher and another one was my co-worker/supervisor at a previous job. His cousin married one of my best friends from college, and he went to high school with my brother. Hmmm... he has a big family! haha... I digress.) Watching them become husband and wife was an honor. Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and I am very happy to share it with you through pictures. :)

I'll stop chatting now and get to the photos! I present to you...

Our Top Ten Favorite Things About Andrew & Erin's Big Day (and the day before :))

1. Their rehearsal dinner! A Crab Feast? Are you serious?! I grew up eating crabs every year for my summer birthday parties! When I found out Andrew & Erin were having a crab feast and they wanted us to be there to capture this event, I was sooo excited!

2. The rehearsal dinner cake. This cake was unreal. I'm kind of speechless about it. :) Everything except the "W" was edible!

3. Andrew and Erin requested a First Look. As a photographer, I can't help but think of the benefits of having a first look! It gave us plenty of time for portraits, including bridal party and family portraits. Because we were able to get a lot of portraits taken care of ahead of time, they were able to hop on the last trolley to their reception without making their guests wait!

Not to mention, the emotions during this moment are irreplaceable and I LOVE that we are able to capture them in such a private setting. It's a win/win!

4. Loved Erin's choice of shoe color!

5. It's not often we have the opportunity to take formal family portraits outdoors, but when we do, they turn out to be some of my favorites. I loved that Andrew & Erin had an outdoor ceremony which offered the opportunity for outdoor family portraits as well.

6. The reception venue and the team behind events at Ingleside Winery were ah-mazing to work with. Not only did Andrew & Erin have wonderful things to say about working with Jennifer and her team, but they were also pleasantly attentive to us as vendors. They were all so helpful and hospitable and the venue was beautiful.

7. We LOVED the beautiful little cottage on the water where Erin and her girls stayed the night before. They all got ready together in the morning and it was so perfect for them! The light was beautiful, the cottage was secluded, and the entire environment was so refreshing!

8. We thought it was really awesome that Erin had two Maids of Honor. I love it when brides aren't afraid to break the rules and do what they want to do. Erin couldn't choose between her two best friends, so she chose them both! And they both did a wonderful job being her right (and left) and hand ladies all day long!

9. Another one of our favorite things about their big day was the wine elements everywhere. Andrew and Erin chose to give personalized wine glasses as their favors, and each table was named after a bottle of wine. What a fun idea!

10. The country dance party! This was, by far, the most sing-a-long reception party we have ever witnessed... and it was So. Much. Fun!! The DJ played a lot of songs by request which meant there were a load of country songs playing all night. We loved that the party was so true to their personalities!

Here are a few more of our favorites from their big day:

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