Gratituesday: A hodge-podge

So it has been one of those weeks that brings me to another hodge-podge Gratituesday post. You know, the one where I'm writing at the last minute (of course) and when I stop to think "What am I grateful for?" I'm stuck answering myself in stutters like "um............. uh........... hmmm......... let me think......... hmmm....." Yeah. Funny how skewed our minds can be when the word "overwhelmed" becomes a part of our daily vocabulary. It's just been crazy the past few weeks. But honestly, I think it's during those times of discouragement when I really need to stop and recall the wonderful blessings in my life. It's refreshing. It's necessary.

So this week? I'm making a list. Because it's just been one of those weeks. A list is powerful and I need powerful right now. :)

  1. I am grateful for the beautiful weather. I have been able to open all my doors and windows and air out my winterized home. And let's not forget the power that fresh air has over my attitude. I think we can safely call it a "miracle worker." :)
  2. I am grateful for good company. Being around people gives me energy and when I'm stuck home alone for days I slowly fall into a deeper and deeper rut. My friend Efe is visiting me all week and her presence alone has helped me get off my bottom and be productive around the house. Company is a good thing. (Plus she's a fab cook and we're eating totally healthy this week! yay!)
  3. I am grateful for father-in-laws who help with taxes. Enough said.
  4. I am grateful for the Pandora 80's Dance Party Mix station.
  5. I am grateful to have a husband who cares about my well-being while he is halfway across the country and responsible for the well-being of a handful of soldiers. Somehow he manages to make time in his day (and mind) to worry about how I am doing AND check in on me. Now that's love. :)
  6. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to shoot outside every day last week.
  7. I am grateful for a packed calendar.
  8. I am grateful for doors opening to new opportunities.
  9. I am grateful for good friends, good food, and great conversation.
  10. I am grateful for family and the continually evolving relationships that accompany a good family. :)

And... here's a sneak peek from last weekend's BEAUTIFUL wedding! I can't wait to share more photos - I am having the hardest time narrowing down my favorites!!

Liz Cook

Liz Cook is a wedding, birth, and motherhood photographer based in Central Virginia. Her intuition and creative perspective allow her to connect both professionally and personally with her subjects, and thus, her portfolio is saturated with authentic emotion. Whether she's sharing her story with fellow entrepreneurs or enjoying quality time with her husband and two daughters, Liz is both present and passionate about capturing and celebrating life. Her work has been featured by O "Oprah" Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Glitter Guide, Essence Magazine, domino, Rue Magazine, among others.