Gratituesday: Good music

(taken in 2007 @ a Counting Crows concert w/ my point and shoot)

What is it about music? The power behind the rhythm, the harmony, the lyrics...

What in the world is it in music that triggers memories? Happy moments? Sad days?

Why are there voices that kick up the endorphines in my body while at the same time putting someone else to sleep?

Right now I am listening to "Grace is Gone" by DMB. I remember this song. I remember the rain, the live music... the heat. I remember the couple in front of me who appeared to love Dave more than each other. I remember realizing how wasted Dave really was on stage and how that apparently made him an even better musician at the time. I remember being excited because this was a debut... this song... it wasn't on any albums yet. I decided it was my favorite.

That was ten years ago. Wow.

It is still my favorite DMB song to this day.

Listening to it again triggers thoughts of road trips with Tommy. Those long drives to PA with the Counting Crows Four White Stallions playing so loudly I couldn't hear myself singing along. Tommy hates that song. But I love it, so he lets me play it at an ungodly volume on road trips.

Music connects people. It comforts people. It makes them get up and dance. It saves people.

I know I've already done a Gratituesday about Live Music (on the old blog), but I have to give it another shout out. This week I am super grateful for good music in general. This music... it has saved me this week.

*Note: Gratituesday is not my original idea. To see others involved in this weekly meme, click here.

Liz Cook

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