Gratituesday: Simplifying

Today I am grateful for that small, refreshing little thing we call simplifying. Back story: I do not think it is good for man to be alone. (Gen. 2:18) Or woman, for that matter. :) After a few months of sitting in my office by myself day after day (with a few trips thrown in), I have decided to make the trek to stay with my family near Fredericksburg for the next few weeks. This works out fabulously as all but two of my upcoming photography jobs are located closer to my family's homes than my home. How does it happen that way? In any case, I am not complaining. I am excited to use that as an opportunity to go and visit with my favorite people in the world and to have their company each evening!

But! What this little trip ALSO does is gives me the opportunity to take with me only what I need. I am actually really excited about narrowing my mobile office down to just the necessities. And my wardrobe, too! It's refreshing to clean things out and get rid of junk. Especially the junk that I am attached to for no good reason at all.

It's springtime. I am sure many of you have started your spring cleaning and have experienced the freedom of getting rid of stuff. But I bet there are some others out there who haven't. When is the last time you purged the extra stuff around you? You should give it a try! It is so refreshing!

I just googled "How to Simplify" and this link was one of the top results. The very first thing on this list is "Clear Clutter."

I'm just sayin'. You should give it a try!!


Also, I am grateful for inspiration (as always). I want to share with you all two things I came across this morning as I settled into my work space.

1. This is a story of one boy's wish to become a Superhero being granted by a whole city! A LOVELY warm and fuzzy for you to read. :)

2. And this is Stephanie Nielson's story. If you haven't heard about NieNie's story, I would question if you have been under a rock for the past year. :) But this is the best account I have seen/heard, with her words, and her images. It is beautiful and inspiring.


And... a quick sneak peek from one of my sessions this past weekend:


Liz Cook

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