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A marriage of 61 years ended this morning at approximately 4am central time.

My paternal grandfather, Dada, passed away in his sleep today. My dad was with him in his hospital room for his last breath.

My Dada was a genealogist, a coin collector, and extremely technologically advanced for his age. He was a fan of the original coke, a fantastic businessman, and a grumpy old guy who grew sweeter by the day (if that makes any sense). He collected baseball cards and supported my grandmother's love of all things crafty. He lived in the same house for the last forty years of his life making him "that man" who refused to move while the rest of the town was developing around him. You think I'm kidding? Check it out. Businesses in yellow, Baba & Dada's house in red. I am so proud of them. :)

If there is anything I find romantic about generations before us (okay, honestly I find a lot of things romantic about the generations before us) it is the lasting marriages. It's not a secret that my Baba (Barbara) and Dada (Myron) didn't have the easiest of marriages. But they had the longest in our family so far. And I admire them so much for that. I look up to them both so much.

Dada was a great man and will be so missed. I am so sad that he has passed but I hope that he is in a better place.

Tommy and I will be heading out Tuesday morning to see everyone in Florida and to celebrate Dada's life. I'll be out of the office from Tuesday through the rest of next week. I'll check in soon!

Liz Cook

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