Sneak Peek: Micah & Katie | Pennsylvania Wedding Photographer

This Saturday I traveled to Quakertown, PA to capture one of the most unique weddings I have had the opportunity to photograph. These two... they are my artsy/vintage couple of 2010. Their entire wedding (sans catering + photography) was DIY and I took so, so many pictures of details. The theme of the day was vintage and it was absolutely beautiful. Katie expressed (or stressed, rather) that photography was very important to the both of them and they gave us a lot of extra time for pictures on Saturday. By getting to know them a little better during the planning process, I was able to get a better idea of their style. I know these images are processed a little differently than my normal images, but I took into consideration their style while both shooting and editing these images and I think the pictures are so them. Katie and Micah... I have so many wonderful things to say about your big day! It was beautiful and SO, so full of love! I will save my words for your top 10 wedding post... for now... here is a quick sneak peek of your pictures!

Liz Cook

Liz Cook is a wedding, birth, and motherhood photographer based in Central Virginia. Her intuition and creative perspective allow her to connect both professionally and personally with her subjects, and thus, her portfolio is saturated with authentic emotion. Whether she's sharing her story with fellow entrepreneurs or enjoying quality time with her husband and two daughters, Liz is both present and passionate about capturing and celebrating life. Her work has been featured by O "Oprah" Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Glitter Guide, Essence Magazine, domino, Rue Magazine, among others.