getting comfy


I am sitting in a coffee shop working. Or, if you call designing, erasing, and redesigning holiday card templates work... then yes, that is what I am doing.

The clouds finally came through and are graciously hiding the sun from my little corner of this coffee shop. The sun causes a strong glare that makes designing even more of a challenge.

I have been sitting here for... 5 hours now.

If you haven't caught on yet... I'm passing time. Blogging... rambling... avoiding the rest of the internet. I am passing time because this project is really, really difficult. It actually sort of reminds me of my freshman year of art school. I lived on a hall with all the other art majors and I cried my way through every project. Why? Because, truth be told, I am not a hands-on type of artist. Painting and drawing are not my forte... contrary to every other person living around me at the time. They all flew right through the projects, and I stayed up at night crying because my work was just horrible.

Then I quit art school and went to a different school that had a graphic design degree clumped into the communications department (as opposed to the art department). And never again did I take a painting class. :)

I digress.

I am now learning that designing is a bit of a challenge for me when I haven't been in the groove for a while. The only way to get better is to practice... right? Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm feeling comfortable and in my groove again.

In the meantime... I'm off to look at these templates with fresh eyes (as fresh as a 10min break can make them).

Liz Cook

Liz Cook is a wedding, birth, and motherhood photographer based in Central Virginia. Her intuition and creative perspective allow her to connect both professionally and personally with her subjects, and thus, her portfolio is saturated with authentic emotion. Whether she's sharing her story with fellow entrepreneurs or enjoying quality time with her husband and two daughters, Liz is both present and passionate about capturing and celebrating life. Her work has been featured by O "Oprah" Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Glitter Guide, Essence Magazine, domino, Rue Magazine, among others.