my baby shower, pt 1

A week ago my sister threw me a beautiful baby shower across the state in Fredericksburg. I was so excited to have a shower in Fredericksburg because it enabled a lot of my lifelong friends to be able to attend that otherwise probably couldn't drive all the way to Lynchburg. It was so beautiful and I really felt honored during the whole shower. My sister also blogged about the shower. You can hop over there to read about her decor choices and planning process... she had a lot of fun planning the shower. (Which makes me feel SO good because sometimes I think people can get overwhelmed by planning parties so it was a relief to know she enjoyed the process. :))

Look at these adorable mini pancake stacks! Perfect for a brunch!

The beautiful cake:

 The dining room set up:She set up a mini candy bar for party favors. So sweet!

She went with a daisies & polka dots theme - very "Liz" if I do say so myself! 

The coffee bar, complete with a "how to" keurig tutorial (my sister kicked off the shower with an instructional piece. haha.)You can never have enough daisies!

Oh it was such a treat! Baby received LOTS of essentials and we are oh-so-grateful for the helpful gifts received! I came home immediately and spent the first day doing laundry and finding a place for everything in the nursery.

Today is my second shower here in Lynchburg. I am so excited! Have I mentioned how stinking grateful I feel that I am having TWO showers? Even just one is awesome. :D

While I am at the shower, my dad is actually going to be working around my house - helping put up some final touches in the nursery (as final as we're getting before we know the gender) and finish some other construction-type jobs around the house. It is so awesome seeing everything come together and working on the final baby preparations! Makes me so giddy!

Liz Cook

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