A Week of Sundays: Day 5 | A year in pictures

A Week of Sundays

Today is Sunday's birthday party! I printed all of the following pictures to display at the party today so of course I'm going to share them with you guys! Gosh, I just think she looks so big in her 12 month pictures. She's a real toddler now... it's just crazy. It feels like there is no more baby left in her! Okay, well, when she is not getting her way she can sure act like a baby! :) Tommy and I had a lot of fun picking out the pictures we think best portrayed her personality at the times they were taken. And okay, we got a little bit sad, too... thinking about how these days are behind us. But, we are having so much fun with her right now so we're not going to dwell on the past! :)

Nice to meet you, mommy & daddy!

I sleep all the time right now.

I finally smile back at mommy! I light up her whole world with my smile.

I am learning to roll from back to belly and it is frustrating sometimes, but I'll get the hang of it soon!

I am so happy after nap time!!

My bouncy seat is my favorite place in the house right now!

Look at me, learning what it's like to have opinions! I'm confusing mommy a little these days, but she'll get the hang of it soon!

I LOVE spending so much time in the pool with mommy and daddy!

Look at me standing in the crib! (Mommy set me up like that) But, I've finally learned to sit on my own and I am a lot more interested in my toys now!

Yeahh! I totally flirt with the camera now! And everyone else who comes in contact with me! (I also scoot everywhere!)

I'm pulling myself to standing now, and still such a little flirt!

I definitely know what I want now and that's mama. All the time. And my tongue sticks out of my mouth almost constantly, too. Good thing it's cute!

Yay! I am SUCH a big girl now! I sign "more" ALL the time, especially when mommy asks me if I want some milk! :)

Okay - we're off to the big girl party! I'll be sharing all the pictures in a few days, don't worry!


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