conversations with Dylan

Dylan is Sunday's 4 year old cousin. He loves his "Baby Sunday." As I type this he has pulled a stool up to her jumper and he's singing to her... "I said it's Sundaaaaay... I said it's Sundaaay to 'pologize." (Clearly he's trying to sing this song.) And then he falls off of his stool and breaks into a fit of laughter as he watches Sunday giggle at his shenanigans. So, so precious.

A few weeks ago we were babysitting Dylan and I was (breast)feeding Sunday. The following conversation ensued:

Dylan: (said oh-so-innocently) Aunt Liz, when Sunday is done eating can I have a drink?

Me: (hesitantly) Umm... you mean you want milk?

Dylan: (questionably) Yeah?

Me: (Thinking... oh dear. What to do... what to do...) Oh... well... umm... this milk was made special just for baby Sunday's body.

Dylan: (Beginning a fit of giggles) Nooooo! I mean from the 'frigerator!!!

Me: (sighing a huge sigh of relief and laughing along with him) Oooohhh... yes! In just a minute.

Oops!! Oh but it was so adorable... :) I love how much he loves Sunday and how patient he is when we are taking care of her. He just knows that babies take extra special attention and care and he is so sweet to understand her needs.

We are babysitting Dylan and his siblings again this week and Sunday's days have been filled with Dylan bringing her toys, playing with her, putting on shows for her and wrapping her in blankets. I am constantly pulling out my phone to document it all (thank God for cell phone cameras!). Here are a few of my favorite shots (also, I'm thanking God for my being able to finally let go of perfectionism and simply capture the details of life.):

Liz Cook

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