The Home Birth Slideshow of Sunday Quinn

A Week of Sundays What better way to wrap up A Week of Sundays than with the grand finale of her birth slideshow! :)

If you haven't already, feel free to read my birth story before you watch the slideshow.

Sunday Quinn's Birth Story, pt. 1 Sunday Quinn's Birth Story, pt. 2 

A year after Sunday was born, I have finally put the finishing touches on her slideshow. This is the first slideshow I've created using iMovie and it was easy and complicated at the same time! I am sure there were easier ways to do a lot of the things I did but I had to go about just doing it the only way I knew how! I am happy with how it turned out... even if some of the tight crops feel a little too intimate. :) I think it's a great illustration of the last 5 hours of our labor and delivery experience with Sunday.

Even though I was pretty detailed with my birth story and I shared some pretty rough pictures of myself along with it... it is still a little nerve wracking sharing this whole slideshow with you all. But... I'm taking a deep breath and hitting "publish." I hope it encourages just ONE person to stop and research their options for labor and delivery... because it really can be a wonderful and empowering experience for women!

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