Gratituesday: The anticipation is behind me

This week, I am grateful that the anticipation of my sister and her family moving halfway across the country is finally behind me. They have made the move. The ugly grey cloud that hovered over me has now moved on and things aren't so bad. I'm going to be honest. Their impending move felt like preparing for a deployment. Only it was worse because they won't be moving back in a year. Nor will it be the highlight of their days to Skype with me. Instead they will start a new life in a new area with new important people. They are happy and excited. And in true Liz (middle child) fashion, I was totally pouting.

When I think of life here without them I feel anxious and depressed. Those kids... their whole family... they are a light in my world. A big one. My sister's home... with acres of land surrounding it, no internet access and the living room view of solitude... It was a vacation home for me. Peace lives with them. And it goes where they go.

I guess it's time I work on creating my own peace to carry with me, eh?

In trying to think about the positives of the whole situation, I am reminded that there's always skype. And how amazing will it be to visit Colorado?! Plus, my sister will still be home to shoot every wedding with me. And since she will be living so far away, I expect our time together to be of higher quality since we will make the most of our time together versus our quick chit chat now between the busyness of our lives.

I used to love change. But the older I get and the more settled I become, change is proving to be challenging. Maybe it's the mama in me. Sunday needs routine and familiarity and maybe her needs are growing on me. I'm afraid of how things will be different with my sister's family, but maybe, somehow, this will be better for us, too.

In any case - I am so glad the anticipation and anxiety is behind me and we have stepped into this new chapter. The grey cloud is gone and so far, everything is just fine.

On January 1st, our last day together as a family before they moved, we all stuck out the frigid temperatures and took some family portraits. I will cherish these pictures for years to come. I love all the pink noses that depict how chilly it was…!

Equipment used for this session:  canon 5d mark ii // canon 50mm f/1.2 lens // vivitar universal wireless remote // vista explorer lightweight tripod


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