seeing beauty again | #gratituesday

Traveler & Hawkeye

These dogs have been less than enjoyable for me over the past year (maybe two?). I have had little to no compassion for them, very short patience, and quiet honestly, I think they have felt the same way about me. If it wasn't for Tommy, they probably would have run away forever and ever. (Instead they would run off during the day and come home at night to hang out with him. Every single day, guys. Every day.)

We finally invested in an invisible fence and they have learned their boundaries. They have stopped ignoring my commands and what do you know... I happen to give them bones a lot more often than I used to, too! Things are looking up!

And they are pretty good with Sunday, too. Hawkeye can't lick her enough and Traveler just avoids her (which is much better than the other option of telling Sunday how she really feels).


This past week my intern, Chelsea, snapped this shot of Traveler and posted it to Instagram. As I scrolled through my IG feed, it suddenly took my breath away. I forgot... how adorable she is. How much she is very much alive and well... and needs love and attention, too.

So this week we reached out with a little more effort. We've had a lot of doggy cuddling time and extra bones have been given during the day. Our relationship is on the upswing again and I'm feeling really good about that.

I'm grateful for these pups. They are so good... obedient, patient, and loving. Far from inconvenient or a burden - truly. I have a hard time remembering that. I'm thankful for my new perspective this week.

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Liz Cook

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