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There are a million and one things I could have been doing this morning between 5am and 7am... one of those things includes sleep, of course... but I was up and I wanted to finally blog these pictures I took about a month ago. We were having a super warm week and Sunday and I had been sitting outside waiting for Tommy to get home from work. The light was just right... Tommy was in his uniform... and Sunday was in just a diaper. Everything was perfect so I ran inside and grabbed my camera and captured some of my absolute favorite pictures of the two of them - ever. This is so them... she's such a little toddler now. One second she wants cuddles, the next she wants to get down and run around. She is growing so fast and we are absolutely enjoying her at this age. She's 17 months old now... wow. How time flies! I hope to get another letter to her written so soon to capture all the things she is saying and doing these days. Just like one day she decided to start walking... it seems as though she has just decided to start talking. She understands almost everything we say to her now - obviously I cannot have an adult conversation with her - but I speak in easy terms and she gets it. We've started tapping into the world of potty training by using key words now to identify what's going on. She is so smart and she catches on so fast. Anyway, I need to save all this stuff for her letter. :)

Here are the loves of my life...!

Equipment used for these images:  canon 5d mark ii // canon 70-200mm f/2.8l lens

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