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Aaaand... we're back from our beach vacation! Why is it that coming home feels 100x more exhausting than going away? :)

We spent the first half of our trip to the beach house enjoying the company of Tommy's parents and the last half with our friends Sarah and Nate. This was my first time at the beach with Tommy's parents and can I just say how wonderful it was? I mean, planning a trip with your in-laws would make anyone nervous... but I am blessed to have some amazing in-laws who basically did everything in their power to ensure we had a wonderful time together. And they succeeded... the trip was absolutely lovely. Plus Sarah and Nate both totally adore Sunday so it was awesome having them to hang out with the last half of the trip.

I spent most of our vacation using my phone only to check on Big Brother live feed leaks (I'm a total addict and was on vacation with three other fans as well, so it was completely justified.) (Yes I'm in denial.) but otherwise left it plugged in at the house or on silent and shoved in my purse. Which means there wasn't a whole lot of documenting of our vacation going on. But that wasn't going to stop me from taking my big camera out at least once to capture this time in Sunday's life. 

This particular morning Sunday woke up around 7am and I immediately picked her up and put her suit on. I wanted to get the good morning light while I could and getting her out of the house in the morning helps assure everyone else can sleep in as long as possible. So we got up and as we were heading out Tommy decided to come along. Here's my little sleepy-eyed beach princess and her amazing daddy. (I can't believe I just called my daughter a princess. This girl-thing sure has rubbed off on me. Hah.) 

She spent most of the trip standing on the porch waving to people and cars going by. She even waved to some of the birds. Such a friendly little one.

Gah! I love them so much!!


Equipment used for these pictures:  canon 5d mark ii // canon 50mm f/1.2 lens // canon 70-200mm f/2.8l lens

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