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Brand New Baby Session | Lynchburg Baby Photographer

One day we can address my constant enthusiasm about photography... but for now I need to share this session with you guys. (You like how I reworded my normal way of saying "I am SO EXCITED to share this session with you!!" don't you?! ;))

So I love birth photography. I am often left speechless after a birth experience because there really is no way to describe how sacred I think it is... how honored I am to be able to capture such beautiful moments. It is growing in popularity and of course with that come people who think it is weird... or wouldn't dare let a camera in on such a personal experience.

This was the exact case with Olivia and her husband. Olivia, a photographer herself, wanted her birth experience captured. Her husband was naturally hesitant. So they compromised and invited me to capture their hospital experience about 24 hours after their baby L was born through a Brand New Baby session.

I am excited to have this session to share because I want other moms to know that the Brand New Baby session is an option for them as well. If your can't get your whole family on board for birth experience photography, this is a great compromise to still capture that short time in you and your baby's lives.

Isn't it such a beautiful time?

Equipment used for this session:  canon 5d mark ii // canon 50mm f/1.2 L lens


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Baby S | Lynchburg Birth Photographer

Earlier this week I had the honor of witnessing new life enter this world. This never, ever gets old. Birth photography is definitely my favorite type of photography and I'm not afraid to say it. These moments are irreplaceable... they are truly moments you can never get back. To be able to capture them is something I don't take lightly. I know - all moments are irreplaceable. But there's just something about new life… that first breath... the first mama/baby touch. All of it. (sigh)

Emily is a rockstar. She endured a 46hour labor and delivered her sweet girl completely naturally. I am awed by her strength and endurance.

Look at these precious moments...!

Soon after she was born, their sweet girl started showing signs of respiratory problems. She was checked into the NICU later that night and Emily has not been able to hold her or breastfeed her since then. I am asking for your prayers for baby S. If you would so kindly, these are her mama's own words:

1. That S would continue to progress and get better! This is huge and so important to us. We hate seeing our little girl hurting and it's incredibly hard to not be able to hold her (while on oxygen she cannot be moved) and for me to not breastfeed her.

2. That S would improve to the point that she can be discharged on Sunday (or Monday morning -- not sure exactly of the timeline) and will not have to stay for a week of antibiotics treatment (this is a situation the staff has already presented to us as necessary if her tests still show signs of infection after the 48 hour treatment).

3. Finally, that no additional issues would arise.

Thank you SO much! I will keep you all posted on her progress!