Roanoke Memorial Birth Photography | Brand New Baby Session

Each time I meet with a prospective birth client, we go over all the details and the "what-if's." One of these questions is What if I Miss Your Birth? I remember my own experience, when we were planning a home birth, and my midwife sat us down at an appointment and said "Now. This paper has instructions on what to do if the baby gets here before I do. Let's discuss." And my jaw dropped, you guys! Because what?! Why would you miss the birth? I quickly realized that it is a complete possibility... otherwise women wouldn't be having babies in parking lots and riding down highways all the time! Am I right?

So when this Roanoke mama booked me for her birth she was planning to have here in Lynchburg, we had the same conversation. When the birth day came, Erin texted me throughout the day saying she was "having false labor contractions." I remember reading that and thinking she must be in denial because usually one doesn't label contractions false until they stop! Erin kept in touch and after a few hours she let me know she would definitely be heading to the hospital soon. I was getting ready, putting my girls down for the night, and waiting patiently for that "we are on the way" phone call.

Finally after a few hours, I was a bit concerned and tried to call her. About five minutes after I didn't get an answer, Erin's husband called me. Their sweet girl came before they could get in the car! Oops! (Right at their front door... they were really trying to leave! Haha!) What a story!

We quickly discussed their options and decided since they were over an hour away, it would be best if I came the next morning to photograph their sweet girl and her big sister. Below are a few of my favorite pictures from our time together. Big sister was just SO smitten! 

Liz Cook is a wedding, family and birth photographer in Central Virginia. She loves to photograph emotional and discreet birth stories, the details of parenthood, and fun and easygoing couples in love