David & Savannah | Lynchburg Engagement Photographer

I know I gave a little sneak peek a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share the rest of this fun engagement session. When I asked these two what they enjoyed doing together they immediately answered "cook and take our dogs to the dog park." Well, that's easy! We decided to have them cook a fun meal (note to self: don't ever go to an engagement session [with food] on an empty stomach again!) and then head out to the back yard for some play time with their pups. I love that their session incorporated so much of their personalities and hobbies. This is something I really would like to start doing with all of my couples.

We started in their adorable vintage-style kitchen:

Seriously, guys. He adores her:

I know it looks like they were doing a lot of flirting and kissing (they were!), but they really were cooking something delicious, too! Here's some proof:

And then, they made a date of it in their (full of light) dining room. Pour some wine and feed each other! Now that's romantic. ;)

Then we headed outside for some more fun portraits. Some with and some without the doggies.

This was so much fun! I can't wait until their wedding in June, I know it's going to be such a great celebration of their love for each other. :)