Gratituesday: Normalcy

As the events of last Friday swirl around each of us, we are all getting a new perspective and reaching a different level of gratitude for the regular things in life. The worst nightmare of those families has come true and if I'm honest, I have a load of guilt hanging over me because my life is still normal. Sunday still cries out for me too early in the morning and she still nurses herself to sleep. What can I do at this time except stop to appreciate every waking moment I have with my baby girl and pray for those who can no longer experience these moments with their kids?

Today I am grateful for the toys on the living room floor, because they mean I have a happy baby who enjoys playing with them. I am grateful for the dirty dishes in the sink because it means I have a family to eat dinner with. I am grateful for the diaper pail of dirty diapers because it means my girl is healthy. I am grateful for loads of laundry with mixed colors because it means I have a husband who is here to help do laundry. I am grateful for the sound of Christmas carols and sparkly lights because they still carry a happy memory for me, unlike many people.

I am very blessed. I am very, very grateful. And I am praying every day for those families living their worst nightmare right now. I am praying that they know God and will lean on Him in this time. He is bigger and stronger than anything in this world and His comfort can bring peace. <3

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these two... | Outer Banks Wedding Photographer

Ooh... these two. I love them. Remember them?

And he was just as happy on his wedding day... (they both were!!)

Ahh this brings such joy to my heart. Seriously... I love couples in love!! More to come soon from this beautiful beach wedding!