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Announcement #3 and a half | A raffle and more!

Announcement #3 and a half | A raffle and more!

This blog post has two announcements! And THESE boys are excited about them! 

Megan | Lynchburg Virginia Professional Head Shots

Megan | Lynchburg Virginia Professional Head Shots

This girl is FUN, y'all. She laughs so much and just straight up enjoys life. I love spending time with her! 

2013 in Review: Thank You

2013 in Review: Thank You

Wow! What a year!! Many memories made, lessons learned, and experiences were had. I met so many wonderful families, witnessed the most beautiful couples make forever promises, and had the opportunity to get to know so many people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you who picked me to capture your memories and be a tiny part of your lives this year.

Kevin & Kailyn | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

Kevin & Kailyn | Lynchburg Portrait Photographer

I have been thoroughly enjoying my fall season of work. Of course, there's always a balance to be found between wanting to spend time with my family and needing to work on the computer, but couples like Kevin and Kailyn make the working part a lot more fun. 

Life with Sunday | #gratituesday

Last weekend, something big happened. Sunday woke up only about an hour after I put her to bed. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does our routine usually looks like this:

If her cries are whimpery, pitiful “I’m really too tired to be awake” cries, we let her cry for a minute or so. But if she doesn’t fall back to sleep quickly, I will go into her room and pick her up. In the past, I have sat down in the glider and nursed her back to sleep. In recent weeks, I’ve picked her up and just held her for a little bit until she is barely asleep and then laid her back down.

But I always pick her up.

Until last Saturday night. She woke up and threw out a few whimpery cries, but I knew it would be easier if I just went in and coaxed her back to sleep. When I opened the door I found her sitting up in bed, usually a sign of a larger task ahead. I gently said “Sweet girl, what happened? Can you lay back down?” I patted her little pillow and repeated myself. “Sweetie, will you lay back down?”

And you guys, she did. She did!

She laid back down and I covered her with her blanket and rubbed her back for about 30 seconds. And that was that.

It’s small little moments like these that force me to recognize that she is growing up, and she’s never going to stop growing. No matter how much I LOVE this age and how badly I just want her to stay small forever, she is going to keep changing. It makes me sad, yet so excited. Oh, motherhood. Such a pickle you put my emotions in.

So, today, I am using this Gratituesday to express my gratefulness for life with our precious girl. It is good, so good. I know moments are fleeting and you never know how many days you have with each other. Let it be known that our days with Sunday have been the best days of our lives.

Here are a few snapshots of life with Sunday lately.

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Equipment used for these images: canon 5d mark ii // canon 50mm f/1.2 lens