Meet Charis - the New Studio Assistant!

Meet Charis - the New Studio Assistant!

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have seen way too many photos of this girl and this blog post is not news to you. BUT, instagram is really the only place I’ve shared much about our newest family member, Charis. (Well there was that one night she went missing and I posted on Facebook for help finding her and the post was shared over 1k times… whaaaat? And we DID find her!)

So for those of you who haven’t been formally introduced…

Meet Charis!

meet red | personal

It's been a while since I have blogged about our pups and we've made some changes around here! Soon after Tommy came back from his deployment, we got an itch for a third dog. Tommy has said over and over that he would love a larger dog to run and wrestle with, but he always said he wanted a boxer. I don't think any boxer owner would blame me for being hesitant to bring one home. After some talking and weighing the pro's and con's we made a completely different decision. I called my mom and I asked her if we could bring her big dog to live with us temporarily to see how a third dog would fit into our little family. Meet Red. We love him.

We love how in tune he is with us. His facial expressions change like a humans. I swear.

We love that he protects our home.

We love that he curls up into a teeny little ball when he's laying next to you. He likes to pretend he is a little dog.

We love that he wants to be with us all. the. time.

We love that he can run in our backyard anytime of day and let out all of his energy.

While he does add an entirely new meaning to our "dog owner" label (there is no more denying that we are dog people)... we truly love his presence. He's big and kind and so eager to please. We are so glad my mom is generous with him and has allowed him to stay with us infinitely.

So for now? We are good. No boxer puppy needed to take care of our puppy fever! We have another handful of love now and he is already familiar to us. (And potty trained!)