Hello! I’m Liz!

for more than a decade, i have been photographing people in love.


I am a birth, baby and family photographer based in Central Virginia.

Over the last thirteen years, I have had the privilege of photographing hundreds of weddings, more than fifty birth stories, and countless families. My intuition and creative perspective allow me to connect both professionally and personally with my clients, and thus, my portfolio is saturated with authentic emotion. I’ve enjoyed the privilege of providing families around the country with timeless and priceless images to help tell their own stories to future generations.

Whether I’m sharing my story with fellow entrepreneurs or enjoying quality time with my family, I am both present and passionate about capturing and celebrating life.

On any given day you can find me stealing kisses from my husband, enticing hugs out of my daughters, and breathing in the sweet air surrounding our Virginia home in the woods. I’m proud to share that work has been featured by O "Oprah" Magazine, The Glitter Guide, Essence Magazine, domino, Rue Magazine, among others.


Some fun facts about me:

This is my family! My husband Tommy, our oldest daughter, Sunday, and our youngest girl, Izzie. We also have two dogs that we love dearly!

This is my family! My husband Tommy, our oldest daughter, Sunday, and our youngest girl, Izzie. We also have two dogs that we love dearly!

  • I joined our local Burn Boot Camp in spring of 2018 and I LOVE it! I am so proud to be a #burnsister and you can find me there at least 3x/wk!

  • My husband and I are big Mad Men fans and our youngest daughter was named after the actress who portrayed Betty Draper. (Also, I wish I lived in the 50's and 60's!)

  • In 2013, I took my family with me on my third non-profit assignment to Nepal for Allow The Children ministries. Traveling for non-profit work is an amazing opportunity I'll never take for granted!

  • I am a grateful believer in Jesus Christ and celebrate freedom in my life to be the best I can be through His strength. I love sharing my freedom redemption story so feel free to ask me about it in person if you’re curious!

  • I’m a little crunchy and prefer my home and body products be as non-toxic as possible. My kids wore amber teething necklaces and cloth diapers and at one point I was washing our laundry with soap nuts. No joke! Although, they are kind of a joke. I don’t recommend them if you like your clothes clean. :)

  • I am a proud swim team mom! I swam every summer growing up and am having so much fun watching my girls be a part of a great summer league!

  • I was raised in a small town my whole life and I swapped one small town for another about 15 years ago. I love where I live. Country roads at sunset make my heart skip a beat!

  • Marketing is one of my favorite entrepreneurial topics! I’m a big nerd and I could talk about it all day long!

Our Team



Meet Kate, the LCP Studio Manager! Kate handles the studio calendar and other booking information.

Kate works as a professional librarian. She is married to her best friend and together they have two little guys they enjoy wrangling on a daily basis. She’s a pro at calming chaos, which is big reason she’s a welcomed addition to our team!

With both her professional and personal experience, Kate’s ability to tame the mess that is my inbox allows me to be able to focus on the good stuff: getting to know my clients and working with them to create beautiful portraits!



Charis is our 1yr old silver Weimaraner and she was recently affectionately dubbed the Official Studio Assistant! She basically lays around and looks pretty all day bringing joy to those who get to spend time with her! She is loveable, a major snuggler, and super silly. Her energy level is high but she knows how to find her calm when necessary. She’s our favorite dog in the world!



Ashley is our Studio Admin Extraordinaire! If you’ve been to the studio for our low-key famous Santa sessions, you’ve likely met Ashley.

She is a proud mama to two tow-headed kiddos (with another one on the way!) and married to an Army guy. She loves quality photography, baking delicious cakes, and sneaking away to hotel rooms on her own. She’s a smart mama, if you ask me! :)

Ashley helps around the studio in a variety of ways and is always ready to serve others. She’s a gift to our team!