Frequently Asked Questions


What is birth photography?

Beginning with labor, all the way through delivery to baby's first breath, meeting mom, dad and family members, birth photography tells the story of your baby's birthday. 

How long will you stay at the birth?

I arrive at your birth once active labor has started (about 5-6cm dilated) and stay until the baby is all clean and settled into your arms, usually about 2 hours after delivery.

Will we meet before the birth?

If possible, yes. It is important you are comfortable with my presence before I arrive at your birth. If we cannot meet in person due to distance, we can arrange a Skype or FaceTime meeting.

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

I am committed to dropping whatever I am doing so I can make it to your birth in time for your delivery, even if it means giving up a night of sleep. This is part of the reason birth photography is a large investment, because it requires me to sacrifice pieces of my personal life so that I can capture such a huge event in your life. It is my genuine privilege to rush to a birth in the middle of the night.

I like the idea of birth photography, but I am concerned about my privacy.

I understand and am happy to respect your wishes for privacy as well as your unique comfort level during labor. We can discuss in detail what you are comfortable with and any limitations you may have. I will be as honest as possible about whether or not I will feel your limits may restrict the outcome of your final birth story.


What (in detail) do you photograph?

Emotions. Moments. Your story. Before your labor even begins, we will discuss what you are comfortable with me photographing. 

What is your privacy policy regarding birth pictures and marketing materials?

Birth is beautiful and intimate, but there are plenty of images I can use on the internet to display the beauty of birth without showing nudity of any kind. Some moms prefer not to share any images and some are okay with their images being showcased so that other moms may be inspired to hire a birth photographer as well. I will request your permission before sharing any photos of you and your family.

What if I am planning a scheduled c-section? How does that change things?

When you have a scheduled c-section, I will come with you to the hospital and will catch all of the going on’s as you prepare to enter the O.R. If I am unable to join you in the O.R., I will send my camera in with your parter. Once you are in recovery and reunited with your baby, I will continue to capture your birth story as you enjoy your first moments holding and snuggling your new baby. I will process and deliver all of the images taken by your partner, as well as the rest of the story as told through my camera.

How does the booking process work?

A signed contract and a 50% retainer fee reserves your due month.

Do you offer other session types, besides birth?

Yes! I shoot a variety of portrait sessions including maternity, newborn, baby milestones, family portraits and even small weddings. Please inquire for more information

babies & family portraits


i really love your style of photography, but i am afraid i don't photograph well. can you pose us or tell us what to do?

Let me assure you, all of the clients I work with are professional models. Just kidding. None of them are. :) So please don't worry about your lack of modeling experience! I first approach portrait sessions with minimal posing. If and when necessary, I will step in and guide my clients when needed. However, I have learned over time that my best work comes from the small, in-between moments, when my clients don’t feel as though they have been posed. I prefer to stand back and photograph from the outside as much as possible. I do everything I can to create a relaxed, pressure free atmosphere. Clients come to my sessions to spend time together with loved ones, often forgetting that they are being photographed at all. 

i have never really done anything like this. do you help with outfit choices and location ideas?

Absolutely! This is something we discuss during your pre-session consultation either in-person or over the phone. We will talk about all the details of your session including outfit choices, the best time of day for your session, and my approach to photographing you and your family. Every client also has the option of using the studio wardrobe as well. It is my hope that clients arrive to their session already feeling like we are great friends, and knowing exactly what to expect. 

i am concerned about my child's nap time and keeping her happy for the session. will you work with us on this?

Absolutely. A custom portrait experience is an investment and it is a priority that your babies are as happy as possible during our time together. For this reason, I have studio session times available during mid-day while on-location sessions are best shot early in the morning or about an hour before sunset. This variety offers the opportunity to work around your children's nap schedules and meal times.

Do you include all the high-resolution digital images with our session fee?

Yes. It is the 21st Century and there's no more denying that everyone wants to share their images digitally with family and friends! When you book a session with me, you will receive anywhere from 30-60 high-resolution images delivered through digital download. There is no additional cost for these files and they come in high-quality sizes that are suitable for printing.

i am interested in booking a session. how do payments work?

Before you book, I highly suggest we meet together either in-person or over the phone to discuss your hopes and plans for your custom photography experience. (Click here to request more information about how to schedule a consultation!) However, if you are already convinced you would like to work with me, simply let me know and we can begin the booking process.

The booking process begins with a contract + invoice, all handled quickly and easily online. I accept payments by check, debit, and/or credit card. Once payment is received, we will begin to discuss your session date and time options and secure one that works best for you. Session dates are not reserved until the contract is signed and fee is paid.

Since I don't know exactly when my baby will arrive, how can I book my newborn session? 

Newborn sessions are booked with a $150 retainer fee. Once I have received your retainer fee, I will reserve 2-3 dates around your due date for your session. The most ideal timeline for a newborn session is when your baby is about 10-14 days old, beginning around 10AM (most babies are happier in the mornings). Once your baby has arrived, you will contact me to let me know and we will secure the best of your reserved dates for your session. Of course, if your baby arrives earlier than expected, please do not worry. We will make adjustments as needed to ensure your session happens in the most ideal timeline possible. 

I really love your work and I want to book a session, but I live over an hour away and I am concerned about traveling with a newborn. How do your other clients handle this?

While many of my clients make 1+ hour trips to the studio (I have had clients travel over 4 hours for same-day sessions) I understand making the trip with a newborn could feel nerve-wrecking.  I certainly do not want you to arrive for your session feeling frazzled, as it could possibly show in your portraits. I do my best to help my clients have as stress-free of an experience as possible, but I also want to respect your own limits (and encourage you to do the same)!

One of the ways we can combat the stress of the drive is to take advantage of some nearby free play-places for children. I always recommend mom + newborn arrive first and the rest of the family arrive 60-90 minutes later for family pictures near the end of the session. This works perfectly for older siblings as it allows them to get great one-on-one time with a parent while their little brother or sister is having their portraits taken. They could drop you + baby off at the studio and then scoot over to a nearby play place (which has a little coffee and sandwich shop attached to it!) for about an hour or so. 

And if you add-on hair and make-up, this also helps cushion the timeline a bit. With this service you would simply relax and be pampered while I begin by taking pictures of the baby alone. Once you are ready, I would move onto capturing the two of you together and as soon as that's complete, we would welcome the rest of the family into the studio for sibling and family portraits. Overall, the session will hopefully be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for your entire family!

Weddings & Elopements


do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel! Travel up to 100 miles from Lynchburg, VA (24502) is included in all packages. Beyond 100 miles: gas coverage & lodging for the night before and the night of the event would need to be added to the contracted fee. Destination wedding travel fees are determined on a case by case basis. I am passport-ready and available to travel worldwide.

how long after the wedding/session will we receive our images?

You will receive a sneak peek of your wedding images within two weeks of your wedding. Your online gallery will be available within about 30 days after your wedding. For other portrait sessions, the turnaround time is approximately two to three weeks. 

how many pictures do you include in the wedding package?

I typically include an average of 75-100 images per hour of photography coverage. The final number will depend on the details in your day including the size of your bridal party, your family, and if you have a lot of details to be photographed. 

can we print our wedding photos? can we put them on facebook?

Of course you can print your pictures! I also LOVE when my clients post their images to Facebook! The only limits I have are selling the pictures, editing the pictures, or submitting the images in competitions. I'd prefer if you would leave those things up to me. :)

how many weddings do you shoot a year?

I limit my wedding bookings to 7 annually, so please contact me quickly if you think you may be interested in booking me for your wedding.

how long have you been a wedding photographer?

I am celebrating 13 years of serving clients in 2019!

can you pencil me in?

I cannot pencil you in or hold your date. I have to have a signed contract and retainer before I can reserve a date.

sounds great! how do we secure you as our wedding photographer? 

Request a consultation and we can talk details!