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Coffee, Creamer and Christmas Cheer

Coffee, Creamer and Christmas Cheer

Joining forces with some of the area's most talented and creative professionals is definitely on the top of my wish list when it comes to adding projects to my resume. It's also one of my most preferred methods of finding personal inspiration. I continually find collaborating with artists I admire and observing their work-in-action to be very inspiring.

back to school - from the clutch guide | published

I am kind of in love with paper. Like... all things paper. Especially pretty paper. I am that person that picks up a brochure or a marketing card just because it is pretty... even though I have no need for the service or product listed on the card. Oh yes. And I know I am not the only one who does it. Because... ladies... have you seen the clutch guide around town? I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't because everyone keeps taking them off of the shelves! I am so excited... so proud... so honored... to share with you all this new publication in town.

It... is... beautiful!!

the clutch guide - the girl's guide to everything essential

I am both honored to have my work featured in this debut publication and proud to be a part of this new resource for women.

And even more exciting...! Today my Back to School bag shoot is being featured over on the new The Clutch Guide blog. Ahhhh! Another blog to love?! You bet! Hop over and subscribe to the clutch guide's online publication. You don't want to miss all the cool giveaways they have lined up this month!

If you're not local - not to fear. There is an online version of the magazine so you can enjoy all the goodies, too! Check out my shoot, it starts on page 37.

Okay I feel like I am sounding like a commercial. But really... I am proud. And I am honored. And I really, really think everyone who picks up this magazine is going to genuinely enjoy the time they spend perusing the pages. :)