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Happy New Year, friends! My, what a year 2010 was.

Reflection... projection... 'tis the time of year. Taking a deep breath and thinking back over 2010... I have to admit I have been having a hard time seeing past Thanksgiving weekend. I have actually tried to write this blog post about 3 times now and I keep starting over because it is hard for me to see outside of the situation I am in... this time the situation was the holidays. :)

So... here we are... the holidays are behind us and a whole blank slate of a new year is in front of us. Trying for the third time to reflect on 2010... here are a few of my favorite memories:

  • our trip to New Orleans
  • living in Fredericksburg this summer
  • traveling to Oregon
  • the deployment ending
  • our Christmas at the beach
  • 14 beautiful weddings
  • the Help Portrait event
  • our trip to FL to say goodbye to Dada
  • building relationships with other local photographers
  • vacation at the beach with a group of friends

So many amazing memories were made in 2010. I am looking forward to 2011 and having my husband home the whole year! :) Looking ahead... we have some huge life changes coming up and I couldn't be more excited about them.

Here's to a fabulous 2011!

Liz Cook

Liz Cook is a wedding, birth, and motherhood photographer based in Central Virginia. Her intuition and creative perspective allow her to connect both professionally and personally with her subjects, and thus, her portfolio is saturated with authentic emotion. Whether she's sharing her story with fellow entrepreneurs or enjoying quality time with her husband and two daughters, Liz is both present and passionate about capturing and celebrating life. Her work has been featured by O "Oprah" Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Glitter Guide, Essence Magazine, domino, Rue Magazine, among others.