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So I had my 101 in 1001 list start on December 30th for good reason. That is the day I saw Third Day in concert. Which means I completed my first item on my 101 in 1001 list!

These pictures were all taken with my smart phone. Of course I left my good camera in the car... I am such a wimp about breaking camera rules. I almost immediately regretted it (though I know it was the right thing to do) because we had REALLY great seats. I had a hard time not coveting the guys who were there to actually photograph the event (and their undoubtedly amazing images)!

So... I love Third Day. I love their sound... their hearts... their message. Pure goodness.

I saw them in concert for the first time back in 2000, before I knew who they were. They were performing at Liberty University while I was visiting my sister for the weekend. (Ironically enough, Tommy was also at that concert. I love that little fact. :)) I loved the show and ended up buying  their latest album (at the time) and I listened to it non-stop for about a year and off and on since then.

Fast forward 10 years... Tommy and I love to go to concerts. We love live music and we love experiencing it together. Since we met we have been to countless concerts, but none that were of my choosing (Tommy is the music guy). I realized that little fact this year while he was deployed (ahh the things you discover during a deployment...) and I decided I wanted to go to a concert of a band that I picked. I am happy to say he agreed with me. :)

So... for Christmas he got me concert tickets to see my favorite christian group... Third Day. And we went on Dec 30, 2010. It was kind of a half-concert because they were playing at the Liberty Winterfest event... and we shared the arena with about 2,000 high school students... which was slightly awkward. Though their time on stage was shorter than the average concert (there were, I think, about 5 other groups that night), it was still totally worth it.

I hope to see them in concert again during the next 1001 days... we'll see!

Liz Cook

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