on my latest priorities...


Priorities: What is most important and meaningful in your life today — activities, values, beliefs, lifestyle, principles, standards, hobbies, integrity, etc. — that you are not willing to compromise or sacrifice in pursuit of something else, a goal.

Goals: A future-based, anticipated expectation, possibility, end result, or experience that you are working towards creating, achieving, or bringing to fruition, which has not yet been realized in the present.

I'm working on trying to align my priorities and goals this year. I've recently recognized that what I am spending my days doing is not going to help me reach my personal goals. I've got to get some re-prioritizing going on.

A few of my personal goals:

  1. I want to truly long for time with Jesus. I want to thirst for the Word and the wisdom and clarity it brings.
  2. I want to long for a long run. Learn to love running and dare I say become addicted to it. (And truly enjoy myself as I run the 2012 VA Beach Rock-n-Roll 1/2 Marathon in September.) (Note: I understand the word addiction does not align well with #1. ;))
  3. I want my house to be clean and decorated in a simple but refreshing manner at most times. (In turn allowing our guests to feel comfort and peace when they are in our little home.)

What I'm spending my time on lately:

  1. Hanging out with friends. Lunch dates, coffee dates, visitors in the home.
  2. Processing images, updating websites, and writing blog posts.
  3. Resting. Napping, catching up on sleep.
  4. Brainstorming new ideas of activities to participate in and projects to complete.

Not that any of these things are bad... they are mostly good for my soul. But I hope to begin gently steering my time towards the direction of completing my goals...

I'm off to jog with my little running buddy and our awesome jogging stroller.